Adam Vaillancourt Roofing NH Contractor says now is the time to prepare your roof for fall and winter weather.

Posted on August 10, 2013

Milford NH, August 10—Adam Vaillancourt Roofing NH contractor ( notes that winter and even fall weather can wreak havoc on a house in need of a roofing repair or replacement. Late summer or early fall are the best time to do roofing repair inspections both inside and outside of the house.

“To avoid a major roofing repair or replacement you need four things: A dry attic, proper air circulation, adequate insulation and a strong structure,” notes Adam Vaillancourt, Roofing NH contractor.

Leaks: You may first notice a roof leak on an upstairs ceiling, but the source of the leak can be more accurately spotted in the attic on the sheathing under the roofing. It’s best to check the sheathing and floor of the attic to look for leaks during a rainstorm. But stains on the floor or sheathing can give you a good indication of where a roofing repair is needed.

Circulation: Roofing company contractors spend a lot of time in winter months clearing ice dams. The number one cause of ice dams is poor attic circulation and ventilation. Make sure that the roof’s ventilation systems (vents in the end, or at the ridgeline are open to circulate. Make sure that insulation hasn’t been moved to obstruct soffit vents.

Insulation: As insulation keeps heat inside the living areas of the house, it also keeps heat from entering the attic. When an attic isn’t properly insulated it causes the attic temperature to fluctuate, which in turn, causes snow to melt and then freeze to cause ice dams. Soon after, you’ll be calling a roofing company to remove them.

Structure: Inspecting the attic completely means also inspecting the framing inside the attic. Look for sags or broken beams that may have been caused during previous winter snowstorms. These problems need to be repaired immediately or you’ll be hiring a roofing company to make major repairs to the roof if it collapses further.

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