Changing temperatures, thawing and freezing are great contributors to roof wear and damage, says Roofing NH contractor Adam Vaillancourt.

Posted on February 4, 2014

Milford NH, February 4—Roofing NH contractor Adam Vaillancourt ( notes that America’s famous groundhog, Puxatawny Phil has just seen his shadow this week. According to lore, that means New Englanders should prepare for six more weeks of winter. Of course, no one knows for sure exactly what the coming weeks will bring.

“What you should really prepare for are the constant changes in temperatures that cause thawing and freezing this time of year,” says Roofing NH contractor Adam Vaillancourt. It’s these changes that cause water to freeze and expand, then thaw and shrink, according roofing contractor NH Vaillancourt. Both have a profound effect on roofing tiles as they move to accommodate the changes.

“If your roof is in good shape, it is well insulated, well ventilated and large amounts of snow have been removed throughout the season, your roof should do just fine, says roofing NH contractor Vaillancourt.

In the meantime you can ease your roof from the harsh winter snows through to milder fall temperatures by doing what you can to keep your roof in shape. If another winter storm hits, be sure to remove excess snow from the edges to keep ice dams from forming. When thaws hit, look in the attic for traces of leaking. “We can fix roof leaks now to prevent them from getting worse,” roofing NH contractor Vaillancourt, says.

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