Snow Removal

Let us remove your snow and ice dams. The roof you save may be your own.

Avoid roof leaks, gutter backups, ice dams and other damage by removing snow from your roof quickly after a winter storm. Avoid danger and injury by having that snow removed by Adam Vaillancourt Roofing in NH.

When snow is left on the roof it continually melts and refreezes, eventually causing ice dams at the bottom. The dams allow water to pond behind them and water seeps into roofing shingles to cause leaks and interior damage.

New Hampshire Snow Removal

Hiring Adam Vaillancourt Roofing to remove significant snow buildup can prevent ice dams and other potential damage caused by heavy snow.

If you already have ice dams, we can take care of that, too. Removing snow is not a job for do-it-yourselfers. Going up on a slippery ice and snow covered roof can be fraught with danger. It’s also easy to do significant damage to roofing shingles, flashing and drip edge. Call the professionals at Adam Vaillancourt Roofing.

"Thank you for your quick and courteous responses to our leaky roof issue. We greatly appreciate your integrity and how you stand behind your product/ workmanship. We appreciate how easy it was for us to work with you."
Janet and Bob Scagnelli
Nashua, NH

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