3 Problems Solved With a New Roof

Roofing in NH from Adam Vaillancourt

There are some homeowners or business owners out there who might be weighing the pros and cons of Roofing in NH from Adam Vaillancourt hiring a roofing contractor in Bedford, NH. The professionals at Adam Vaillancourt Roofing understand that a new roof is an investment, but is one worth making. Here are three urgent problems solved with a new roof:

Mold growth

Moisture is often the enemy of a home because it can cause a variety of damages that are impactful to our health. Moisture behind our walls can create mold, which often leads to respiratory concerns such as asthma. Often, these symptoms present themselves as allergies and can cause our loved ones to become sick.

Continued structural damage

When water gets in our walls, it can cause a variety of irreversible damage to our home’s structure and is extremely expensive to repair. A home’s foundation, walls, flooring, and other structural supports can face the wrath of water damage by causing deterioration, flooding, erosion, and more.

Increased heating and cooling costs

If you have ever noticed that your home’s heating and cooling costs have shifted over the years, a roof could be the perfect solution. Missing shingles allow heat to escape from your home, and in turn, can impact your energy efficiency. A new roof will help you cut back on those costs and will keep you more comfortable during the blistering summers and freezing winters!

Since 2004, Adam Vaillancourt Roofing has been the go-to roofing professional in Bedford, NH. We only work with products we believe in and hire the best installers in the business. We want our customers to rest well knowing they chose us when they invest in a new roof, and our team cannot wait to show you the Adam Vaillancourt difference.

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