Residential Roof Repair in New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Your roof protects your home, your valuables, and your entire family from the outside elements. However durable your roof may be, it unfortunately will not last forever. Old age, poor maintenance, and weather damage can all cause your roof to fail prematurely. This can cause you to need roof repairs or even a complete roof replacement. Keeping up with roof maintenance and repairs in New Hampshire and Massachusetts is essential to keep your roof in peak condition regardless of the season. If you notice any damage to your roof from storms or any other causes, call Adam Vaillancourt Roofing for a thorough roof inspection and residential roof repair services.

We operate all year long in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, so you can get back to being safe and comfortable. Whether you have a small leak or require something much more extensive, our team will work with you and provide the roof repair service you need. Upkeep can make your roof last much longer, detect any further issues, and provide security to your home that offers you peace of mind.

Why Timely Roof Repairs Are Essential

New England’s unexpected weather can damage your roof unexpectedly with wind, rain, hail, and snow, causing you to need a quick solution. The longer it takes to find the source of a roof leak, the more potential damage it can cause. If initial repairs are delayed, the more long-term effects can damage the foundation of your roof and home.
Residential roof inspection

Common Signs of Roof Damage

There are a number of signs that may indicate a damaged roof, and it depends on each house’s roof structure. Damage to variables that can impact the size and scope of roof wear and tear include:
  • Ventilation
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Insulation
  • Rotted wood
  • Growing moss, mold, or rotting
  • Broken or missing shingles
  • Loose granules on shingles
  • Leaks
  • Clogged gutters
It’s important to get your roof inspected regularly to identify any potential signs of damage or wear, as these can cause more damage the longer they go unnoticed.

Types of Roof Repairs

Roofing emergencies are unfortunate, but Adam Vaillancourt Roofing has the tools and expertise to bring your roof back to life after it gets damaged. Instead of spending excess money on a brand-new roof, talk to us about your roof repair options:

Choosing the Right Roof Inspection Service

When choosing a residential roof repair service in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, select a contractor that is licensed and insured. Make sure you’re getting a quality service provider. You don’t want to be held responsible for any errors or damages. Check which kind of roofing materials they offer, and pay attention to the potential warranties they may offer. It’s important to look at the company’s history, including when it was founded and reviews from previous customers to check their quality and customer service.


When it comes to reviews, Google is a great place to go. Notice the ratio of good reviews (like four or five stars) to bad ones. A good roofing company will have a majority of good reviews with some bad ones sprinkled in. Another hallmark of a good and reputable roofing company is that they have responded to the bad reviews and tried to make things right. No company is perfect—if you see a roofing company with only 5-star reviews, be wary of it.

Extend Your Roof’s Life with Roof Maintenance

We recommend residents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire get their roofs inspected every six months, and even more frequently if they live in an area where severe storms are common. Catching and fixing minor repairs like cracked or missing shingles, loose nails, worn-down seals, leaks, and other potential issues will extend the life of your roof.


Adam Vaillancourt Roofing also offers roof cleaning services and roof rejuvenation services for asphalt roofs for greater preventative roof maintenance and care.

Call Us Today for Residential Roof Repairs

Timely, professional roof repair is essential in prolonging the life of your roof and protecting your house, belongings, and family from the outside elements. The longer a leak or other problem goes unnoticed, the more potential long-term damage can occur. As soon as you notice any signs of roof damage, reach out to our experts so we can help protect your home from further harm.