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5 Components of Your MA Roofing

Your MA roofing system is one of the first lines of defense to your home. Without a solid and reliable system, you leave yourself and your family, open to disasters of all kinds. Understanding the five main components of the system will help to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship and protection.  In this article, we’re taking a look at those components and what you need to know about them.


The Fascia


  • The first area to consider is your fascia. The fascia runs horizontally along your roofline. It is, most often, made of sheet metal bands or wood boards. It connects to your rafters and trusses, and it is the area where your gutters are firmly attached to your roofing system. The fascia is your primary defense against the elements, especially water, at the edges of your roof. In addition, your fascia prevents other weather and damage from the elements from getting into your home. It also gives your home a finished look and aesthetic appeal. What may seem like minor damage can quickly cause significant damage in no time at all.

The Soffit

  • Next up is your soffit system. These are the vents that run underneath the overhangs and eaves of your roof structure. The vented soffit enables air to circulate into your attic as well as acting as a cooling agent that draws moisture and heat out and away from your attic and home. Damage to your vinyl soffit system can allow insects and small rodents into your house, especially bees, hornets, and squirrels. In addition, without the soffit providing the proper ventilation, the interior wooden structures of your attic can begin to rot.

The Flashing

  • The flashing and your gutters are two protection systems that effectively work together. Gutters are critical to channeling water away from your home. Flashing acts as a sealant for all of the potentially exposed areas of your roof. However, flashing can deteriorate due to oxidation and severe New England weather. The flashing is a serious line of defense against the elements making their way into your home.

The Shingles

  • Finally, you have the roof proper itself with its shingle systems. While your shingles offer the best protection against the elements, severe New England winters can play havoc with even the best of roofing systems. The shingles can curl and break off, possibly exposing the plywood underneath to the elements. If your shingles become damaged, there is no way to keep the weather, especially water, out of your home.


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