Function and Aesthetics: Choosing a Roofing Tile in New England

low slope vs steep slope roof

New England is a unique area of the United States. For one thing, New England started the country. We were one of the first areas settled and continued expanding all across the country. Because of this, architecture in New England is lovely and varied. There are houses in Victorian, Colonial, and Georgian styles. Aside from the history, New England weather is erratic and can range from six feet of snowfall to flash flood warnings, oftentimes in the same week. With architecture and weather like this, it’s important to make sure you choose a roofing tile that not only accents the beauty of your home but keeps it protected from the elements. If you are looking for roof repairs in MA or NH, Adam Vaillancourt Roofing is here to help.


Most roofs in New England have asphalt tiles and for good reason. Asphalt tiles are practical and functional tiles that are capable of handling extreme weather conditions like snow and heat with little damage. Most northern houses even outside New England tend to default to asphalt roofs. When deciding on a roof, it should be looked at as a form of exterior decorating as well as protection for your home. Because asphalt tiles come in a range of colors, cuts, and styles, they make a good fit for any kind of home and any kind of person who lives there.


Another great option for roofing is rubber. Rubber isn’t the prettiest option necessarily, so it’s best used on flat roofs. Rubber is durable and long-lasting. It can absorb the sun and keep your home dry from the rain. If you have a flat roof that collects rain, rubber is the smartest option because leaks and roof repairs are performed quickly.

There are other options for roofing tile, such as ceramic tiles commonly found in warmer climates. There are also cedar tiles that add beauty in how they change color over time, or there’s the green roof option for the environmentally minded. But this is New England. With diversity in architecture and weather like this region, looking at asphalt and rubber tiles can give every home the aesthetic and protection it needs. For any questions about roofing needs and services, contact Adam Vaillancourt Roofing at 1-866-636-0006.