Can Gutters Help Save on Roofing Repairs?

gutters and roofing repairs

No matter what type of property you own, one thing remains the same; unexpected roofing repairs can be a setback. However, with upfront measures, you can avoid these costly repairs. For instance, having a good gutter system is a must. Although often overlooked, keeping up with your gutters is one of the best ways to preserve your roofing system’s integrity, while avoiding costly repairs.

However, there are other measures that you can also take to protect your roof and the overall wellness of your home. Simply stated, gutters are a structure’s best friend. Whether residential or commercial, the benefits of gutter installation far outweigh the reasons one may consider installing them. In this article, we’re providing you with a few reasons to call your trusted professional for gutters and roofing repairs today!

Water Must Be Diverted

One of the primary functions of a gutter system is to divert away from your home. Although many argue that melting ice and rainwater will naturally flow from the peak of the roof, this is not always the case. Debris and ice buildup happen more often than not, blocking the way for flowing water. If water remains on the roof, you may be dealing with water penetration in your home, mold, and mildew growth, lifting shingles, and damaging ice dams – just to name a few scenarios.

Roof Rot

Beyond potentially harmful mold and mildew growth, sitting water can wreak havoc on the roofing system. Roof rot will cause deterioration not only to your shingles, but also to the soffit, fascia, and other masonry work. Once this occurs, a property owner may face thousands of dollars of damage to repair the integrity of the structure before even more costly damage occurs.

Your Foundation Is At Risk

Although many people consider the top and bottom of their home two separate entities, they serve a universal purpose. The goal of both your roof and your foundation is to protect your home, and, believe it or not, your roof protects your base. Whether water is penetrating through the walls or running off of the home and creating erosion, gutters are the resolution.

Gutters help to divert running water away from the property to an area safe for drainage. Pooling water or forceful runoffs can cause cracks in your foundation. These cracks can compromise the strength of your home’s backbone, as well as allow water to penetrate your basement and/or garage.

Although the list goes on, we hope you see the importance of gutters for every type of home or business. For more information about gutter installation on your home, give our team a call today to schedule your free consultation. Don’t wait for costly roofing repairs to happen, call us today!