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How the Best Roofers in Massachusetts Control Algae

This year has been one that humanity will never forget. On top of everything else homeowners are dealing with, we’ve had one of the rainiest seasons in years. Although rain may not be a concern for some, for others, the continuous moisture can wreak havoc both inside and outside of the home. Considered the best roofers in Massachusetts, our team at Adam V. has seen it all.

However many roofing concerns there may be, algae growth can be one of the most harmful it left untreated. Scourging any roof, algae, and lichen buildup are common in areas that don’t receive a whole lot of sun – regardless of the season. Because of the darker location, your roof never has the opportunity to totally dry. Below are just a few of the reasons algae growth is a serious concern:

  • Irreversible staining

If not properly attended to, the lichen, mold, and algae can leave behind both growth and stains. In addition, the stains will seriously detract from the home’s appearance while spreading and working their way into other parts of your home.

  • Costly damage

In addition to the unattractive staining, algae growth can damage your roofing system. Without the opportunity to fully dry, shingles will quickly become less effective in protecting your home. Allowing water to penetrate, the structural integrity of your home may also be at risk.

How we can help

One of the fastest ways for professional roofers to address algae and mold growth is by installing zinc strips. These strips assist in the drying process, which ultimately extends the life of your roof while increasing the protection it provides.  However, every roofing system is different and needs to be approached differently.

While roofs are not a one size fits all solution, regular maintenance is the best idea regardless of the material. That said, DIYers fail to keep in mind the type of roofing system they’re working with, resulting in the use of wrong cleaning and maintenance techniques. These incorrect cleaning attempts may void your manufacturer’s warranty and, in some cases, require that you replace your entire roofing system.

Another important factor to remember when attempting DIY roofing solutions is the age of your roof. The older the roof, the more damage that can be done through simple maintenance and cleaning.

It’s always best to consult your trusted roofing professionals before attempting any DIY maintenance or roof cleaning. Considered the best roofers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, our team at Adam V Roofing is here to help in any way possible.

If you’re battling algae or mold on your roof, give our team a call today to schedule your free consultation (866) 636-0006.