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Why the Fall is your best time to get a roof replacement

If you have been thinking of replacing your roof, the Fall is the best time to do it. The summer can bring storms and rain and the winter, of course, would never be the right time unless it is an emergency. Make sure to set up the replacement earlier in the summer months because your roofing contractor will likely be replacing many a roof between September and November.

  • Do your inspection and determine the roofing materials you will want to use to replace what you currently have. The Autumn season lends itself best for roof replacements because the air is cooler. When the temperature is cooler, say in the 50’s, it lends itself to a sturdier replacement especially if you have decided on asphalt. The fall weather allows for better thermal sealing and having the shingles snugly adhere to your roof.
  • Your shingles need to be properly sealed tight so as to prevent any moisture from penetrating to your underlayment. When it really begins to become winter type of cold, the shingles will be brittle and weak and can be easily broken. If the temperature dips too much, your roofing professionals will have to resort to nailing by hand which will just slow everything down.
  • Because your roof has been replaced in the fall, any holes or leaks you had will be permanently sealed off. The winter weather would only make these leaks and holes worse causing untold havoc when winter storms arrive.
  • The best thing about a new roof replacement is that you will save on your energy costs. Because your new roof will be new and properly sealed, you will find that your home is much better insulated so your heating system will not have to be used as much. This will save you on your next bill as well as extend the life of your heating system.