How to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

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As the harsh New England winter approaches, it is important to note that the severe weather, along with the moisture, snow, and ice, can cause your roof to take as serious a pounding as the treacherous winter roads. It is important to meet with your roofing professional to prepare a plan that will ensure that your roof will keep your family safe from the elements all winter long.

  • Developing problems in your roof membrane will bring unnecessary problems. These membrane challenges can be anything from splits and holes to splits and actual openings. Blisters and ridges in your roof membrane can also be critical and, if left unattended, cause a premature failure of your roof system.
  • Many of these membrane defects can cause pieces of your roof to actually blow away in severe high winds that can accompany winter storms. Recent research has revealed that around 80% of all leakage will occur at your flashings and roof penetrations. Your flashing may have become buckled at certain points or has detached itself altogether.
  • Any manner of debris on your roof, be it your home or your commercial building, can cause unneeded damage when it is combined with the winter weather. It can add weight to the roof and the debris can cause drainage systems and gutters to clog which will, eventually, become ice dams. Remove all potential for additional weight as the snow itself is dangerous enough for a potential roof collapse.
  • Make sure all gutters and drainage systems are thoroughly cleared so that you have proper and unobstructed drainage. If, during the winter, you must remove snow or ice damns, be sure to call your roofing professionals. They are well trained and experienced to be able to remove the obstacles without doing any damage to the roof’s infrastructure and integrity.