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3 Reasons Why Installing A New Skylight Is So Expensive

3 Reasons Why Installing A New Skylight Is So Expensive

Skylights provide extra natural light, giving your home a brighter and more cheerful appearance. The installation cost might make you hesitant when considering adding skylights to your home. Why do skylights seem so expensive to install?

1. Skylight Materials

The skylight itself, as well as the materials used for the installation process, can add up. The type of skylight you get can also affect the overall cost. For example, fixed skylights typically cost less than ventilating skylights.

Other factors that can affect the cost include the type of window finish your skylight has and its size. Larger skylights tend to cost more than smaller ones. Glazing, Low-E coatings, tinting, flashing, and window treatments can lead to a higher cost overall. Keep your budget in mind when going over your options for skylights.

2. Labor Charges

You’re not just paying for materials when you have a new skylight installed. You’ll also have labor charges as part of your overall installation cost. These charges can vary considerably, depending on different factors.

The location of your home and the complexity of your roof are a couple of factors that affect labor charges. A more complex roof will require more labor compared to a simple roof. The ease of access also affects labor charges. When it’s more difficult for workers to access your roof during skylight installation, you can expect labor charges to be higher.

3. Replacing vs. Installing

Whether replacing a current skylight or installing a brand new one factors into your installation cost. Replacing a skylight involves removing and disposing of the existing one before putting the new one in place.

Installing a new skylight involves additional labor, such as having roofers cut holes, build framing, install the skylight, and ensure flashing is done. Roofers should also ensure there are no leaks and that the roof around the skylight is in good condition. You might also need contractors to finish the inside of your home, such as patching or replacing drywall.

While skylight installation might seem expensive, keep in mind that it helps you save money on energy bills. This can help offset the initially high cost of having skylights installed.

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