Why You Should Never Layer Shingles

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Layering shingles have often been a way used to save money for both the roofer and the homeowner. Without Roofing Amherst NH the extra labor and bill to get rid of the materials, you might think this is a great place to consider cutting back costs for your home’s roofing in Concord and Andover, MA. Adam Vaillancourt Roofing & Construction wants you to think again! We can think of a handful of reasons why you should never layer shingles.

Adds weight to your home

Often with older homes, the added weight of another layer of shingles can cause some extreme settling. On top of that extra weight, New England faces a hefty amount of snow in the winter months, which also adds to the weight your roof can handle. The repairs of a collapse will be far costlier than just replacing your roof at this moment.

Impacts the life of your roof

Though there is a misconception that two layers of roofing will help prevent leaks for longer, that’s simply not the case. Two layers of shingles attract and retain heat far longer than a single layer, which will lead to premature deterioration. So, even if your initial installation prevents leaks, it will inevitably and eventually fail.

It will cost more in the long run

Not only do shingle warranties often become void when installed over the top of old roofing, but they will also often cost more down the road. Removing two layers of shingles and repairing the damages associated with the multiple layers will result in a higher price tag, and the money put into the second layer of shingles will be wasted.

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