Why Are Some House Roofs Blown Off During A Wind Storm?

Why Are Some Roofs Blown Off During A Wind Storm?


Wind storms can do significant damage to your home, including roof damage. In some cases, homeowners can end up losing their roof when it gets blown off by a heavy gust of wind. Why are the roofs of some houses blown off during a wind storm? Knowing why this happens can help you understand what you should do to keep your roof safe. Keep the following in mind before summer storms start to hit the area.

Causes of Roofs Being Blown Off

High winds can have enough force to lift roofs off of homes, but how does this happen? When air pressure under a roof gets too high, this causes an upward push. When wind pulls at a roof from outside at the same time, this can cause it to be blown off entirely.

Air leaking into your home from the outside can cause the air pressure to rise during wind storms. When this happens, all it can take is a strong gust to lift your roof off of your house. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent this from occurring.

Wind Damage Prevention

Reducing the risk of having air pressure build up inside your home during storms is an effective way to stop your roof from being blown off. Checking for leaks around your home and sealing them up can prevent air and wind from getting in when it’s storming out. During severe storms, keeping doors and windows shut can also help.

You should also have your roof inspected for damage or other weak points that could allow wind inside during storms. Roofing professionals can check for damage and repair it before the next storm arrives. For example, they might find missing shingles or other openings in your roof where the wind could get in.

If you have an older roof or a roof with a lot of damage, you might want to have a new one installed before storm season rather than having measures retrofitted. This can help ensure you have a strong roof on your home when gusty winds blow through. This helps lower your risk of having your roof blown off in severe weather conditions.

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