How Much Hail Damage Will Total A Roof?

How Much Hail Damage Will Total A Roof?

How Much Hail Damage Will Total A Roof?

When hail storms pass through the area, you might worry about your roof. Hearing hail hit your roof, especially when it’s large, can make you wonder if there’s any damage. Hail can damage your roof shingles. Knowing how much hail damage totals a roof can help you determine if you’ll need repairs or a new roof.

Where Hail Comes From

Before learning about potential damage, it helps to know where hail comes from. Hail forms when water drops freeze and turn into solid chunks of ice inside storm clouds. These hailstones then fall to the ground during storms. Hail can cause damage to roofs in different ways.

Granule Loss

Granules on shingles offer protection from the sun’s UV rays and harsh weather. Hail can knock granules off shingles, which affects their durability. Shingles can end up becoming soft and fall apart before they’ve reached their lifespan.


Any damage from hail, even minor damage, can lead to leaks. These leaks can cause additional problems in your home when water reaches the interior, such as wet walls, insulation, and ceilings. This water damage can also ruin your belongings.

Roof Vents

Hail can cause damage to your roof vents, which puts your roof and home interior at an increased risk of leaks and severe water damage. Having damaged roof vents can end up causing major damage inside your home.

Roof Destruction

Hail can destroy your roof if widespread or severe damage occurs. This might happen if several large pieces of hail hit your roof or if hail falls for long periods during storms.

Implications for Homeowners

Having any degree of hail damage can result in a higher risk of having significant damage to your home, so prompt roof repair or replacement services are needed. As a homeowner, you should be prepared to talk to your homeowners’ insurance company about filing a claim for hail damage to your roof.

Talk to a Local Roofer

After hailstorms pass by, you should have a local roofer inspect your roof, especially if you see signs of damage from the ground, such as dented gutters or damage to your AC unit, patio furniture, or car. Local roofers will know what to look for when inspecting your roof.

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