How To Get Roof Repair After Storm Damage

How To Get Your Roof Repaired After Storm Damage

A well-designed and installed roof protects your home from harsh weather elements, but severe storms can be overpowering. High winds, falling debris, hail, and even rain can severely damage your roof. When facing roof storm damage repair, it’s important to act swiftly to mitigate further damage and restore your home’s integrity.

So what do you do first after a storm damages your roof?

It’s critical to identify the extent of the damage to allow you to quickly restore your home’s safety, privacy, and comfort. Otherwise, you risk your home suffering costly structural damage.

What to Do After Storm Damage

As always, safety comes first. So do not attempt to climb onto your roof to inspect the extent of the damage. However, you can visually assess it by walking around your home’s perimeter and noting visible damage such as shingle condition, missing flashing, or water damage.

For instance, if you see tree branches stuck into the roof or gaping holes where water is pouring into your home, it cannot wait. You need to call an emergency residential roofing contractor in your area.

1. Call Your Insurer

Your home insurer should be one of the first calls you make – even if you have not determined the extent of damage to your roof. The call helps you find out what your policy covers and what deductibles you will pay. It also allows you to start the claims process and get an adjuster to your property quickly.

2. Call a Trusted and Reliable Local Roofer

A local, experienced roofer will offer several services, including:

  • A professional roof inspection to determine its condition and the extent of the damage.
  • They will identify the integrity of the roof and determine whether you need a repair or replacement.
  • They may also help you prepare a detailed damage report and estimates to submit to your insurer or adjuster.

3. Avoid Storm Chasers

Whatever you do, don’t try to minimize your repair costs or shorten the process by hiring storm chasers. Instead, always do your due diligence and hire a local, reliable roofer despite the emergency. Otherwise, you may end up hiring unscrupulous contractors who do shoddy work and get out of town.

4. Repair and Replace

Your roofer will recommend a roof repair or replacement after assessing the severity of the damage. They will then do the work to your satisfaction and ensure it passes an inspection from the relevant local jurisdiction.

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