Roof Repair Means Nails. We Got You Protected.

nails on a white background

Whether you’re undergoing roof repair in Andover, MA, or Nashua, NH, one thing is for sure; there will be nails. As old shingles are lifted and removed, nails will fall. Unfortunately, being careful is not enough to prevent nails from landing in your yard, bushes, and driveway. And, if you’ve ever stepped on a nail, you know how unpleasant this experience is.

As a team of professional roofers that are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our community, at Adam V Roofing, we take extra measures to ensure the safety of our customers and their families. In this article, we’re bringing you inside our world to explain further why the actions taken to clean up fallen nails is so crucial.


One of the most common methods for removing “lost” nails is with a good old fashioned magnet. However, these aren’t magnets that you’d use to hang mementos on your kitchen refrigerator. Professional sweeper magnets resemble brooms and allow roofers to cover a large area in a single sweep. These magnetized push brooms on wheels not only pick up nails, but they’ll also grab staples and other metal debris that may have fallen from your roof.

Sweeping the area more than once provides peace of mind that hard to find nails are discovered

Why it’s so important

Beyond the obvious danger of stepping on a nail, there are a few other reasons why it’s imperative your roofing contractors leave your yard clean. The first is that nails can easily become flying objects when hit at the right angle with lawnmowers or trimmers. Clearly, not an ideal situation by any means.

The second reason is that left behind debris can damage your lawn equipment. From dented blades to clogs, once metal becomes lodged, it’s hard to remove while avoiding costly repairs.


Before signing a roofing contract, make sure your Andover, MA roof repair includes cleanup services. Or, you can keep life easy and give our trusted team at Adam Vaillancourt a call. We remain open and ready to provide you with the level of service your home and your family deserve. Contact us today at (866) 636-0006.