Why You Should Fix Your Roof This Fall

Though it might be the end of summer, Adam V Roofing is still receiving calls from Concord, MA homeowners looking for a roofing contractor, and there’s a reason for it! Fall is the perfect time of year to address your roofing problems, and we can think of a few reasons why:

Existing damages will worsen in the winter

If you have missing or damaged shingles on your existing roof, their condition will likely worsen as the winter season sets in and causes even more damage to other areas of your home. It’s better to take care of these repairs now before the cold hits.

It’s the ideal temperature to install

It’s suggested to install an asphalt shingle roof between 45 to 50 degrees. This temperature allows for the seal strips on the shingles to melt and create a liquid-tight bond to prevent water damage in the future and protect your roofers from sweltering or freezing installation days.

Weather is more predictable

New England isn’t exactly known for having stable weather, but fall is often one of the only times of the year when you can anticipate clearer skies. Instead of dealing with potential rain on an open roof in the summer, fall is a great alternative.

It will save you in energy costs in the winter

A new roof can significantly improve your energy costs, especially when you live in a region like New England. A properly installed roof helps keep the controlled temperature within your home and keep environmental temperatures out.

If you have been looking for complete roofing or roof repair in Concord, MA, the team at Adam V Roofing is waiting for your call. Since 2004 we have installed thousands of roofs, satisfied thousands of customers, and we would love to work with you.

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