Why Homeowners Should Stay Away from DIY Roofing

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The team at Adam Vaillancourt Roofing has worked with homeowners and business owners from all walks Roofing contractor from Adam Vaillancourt of life. After completing so many roofing jobs in Lexington, Chelmsford, Dracut, and across MA, we are always working on ways to improve the safety of our job sites and protect our employees. On top of these objectives, we want all homeowners to be safe, as well. We can think of hundreds of reasons homeowners should stay away from DIY roofing, but the most important are these potential injuries:

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a big concern for anyone working outside in the summer sun, especially those who are standing on hot asphalt shingles. Heat exhaustion can be a hazard to your health and can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to recover. Some people are even hospitalized to monitor fluids and avoid any further complications.

Trauma caused by equipment

For those who have not spent much time using the equipment and tools necessary to complete a roofing project, their chances of injury can increase significantly. Without the proper training, homeowners are far more likely to face bodily harm. Not to mention, some might attempt to complete work with tools not meant for roofing!


Roofers have one of the highest injury rates of any profession and spend hours learning the laws and regulations of roofing to ensure their own safety. Accidents can happen to anyone, especially those who are not trained. Homeowners who get on a roof without any proper training risk serious or fatal injury.

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