How to choose the right roofing contractor

two story home with roof replacement by Adam Vaillancourt Roofing

Roofing contractor from Adam Vaillancourt Your roof is one of the most important features of your home. Keeping it in tip top shape is a must for all those who must endure harsh New England winters. However, when it is time to do some long overdue repairs, or to even have the entire roof replaced, how do you know which roofing contractor will be right for you?

  • Word of mouth is always the best option so ask around and see who family and friends have trusted with their roofing needs. After this, the best way is to interview a potential contractor over the phone or in person at their office. Have your list of questions and concerns ready and record each answer for later comparison. Call and interview at least three roofing contractors.
  • You want a licensed professional. Anything less simply won’t do. Also check and see if they belong to any trade or business associations. You may, also, want to ask about their continuing education situation. Are they keeping up with the industry and its changes, trends, and new protocols?
  • Next is to make sure they actually have a brick and mortar location plus a permanent phone number. This will indicate that they are solidly entrenched in the community and have a reputation to uphold. Also, make certain their insurance coverage is up to date and sufficient for the needs of the project.
  • Your roofing contractor must, also, have a safety plan. They are required by OSHA and they need to have one and they need to discuss it with you. Find out about warranties on both the roofing contractor and the materials. Also inquire as to if they are certified by the materials manufacturer’s to professionally install the product.
  • Try and choose one with at least five years in the business. The workmanship will be better and their experience has likely seen just about every roofing scenario there can possibly be. Ask for references from previous clients and ask them how they go about handling and rectifying complaints.