Is a “cool” roof right for you or your business?

Roofing contractor from Adam Vaillancourt

Roofing contractor from Adam Vaillancourt More and more traditional home owners are beginning to discover what commercial businesses, as well as roofing contractors, have known for many years. It is known as a cool roof and it has proven to be a huge resource for conserving energy and lowering utility bills all across the board.

  • Having a cool roof can greatly lower the internal temperature of a home or building which will be hugely advantageous to your family or your workers during the long and hot New England summers. It will reduce your overall energy consumption, which is great for your utility bills, and it will save your cooling system from overwork and premature burnout.
  • A cool roofing system is similar to wearing white or light colored clothing in the summer. It will reflect away all infrared as well as visible sunlight from your home or building. Installing a cool roof is a more extensive project than merely painting the roof of a building white. The cool roofing materials installed by your roofing contractor will be specifically treated and the coating will have two special properties to it. It will be high in SR or solar reflectance and it will be high in TE or thermal emittance. One of the best materials for a cool roof is Solaris shingles from Certainteed. They are reflective asphalt shingles that are specifically designed to make a cool roof as efficient and dependable as possible.
  • The TE factor will be the strength and capability at which your roof will be able to repel the heat it has been absorbing. Your SR factor strength will determine how well and efficiently the roof is reflecting back infrared and ultraviolet rays.
  • Another great feature of a cool roof is that the roofing materials tend to contract and expand as temperatures and seasons fluctuate. This saves a tremendous amount of wear and tear on the roofing materials as well as on the overall structure of the roof.
  • Installing a cool roof on your home or business just may be the alternative you have been looking for. Your roofing contractor will be the one to confer with when the time comes to make one of the most important investments in your life.