How To Know If Your Roof Leak is in Need of Emergency Repair

How To Know If Your Leaking Roof Is An Emergency

No matter how tiny or huge a roof leak might seem, it is an emergency. A seemingly small leak can gradually become a huge problem, and a larger leak can quickly result in costly water damage to your home. If you find yourself with a leaky roof, you should schedule emergency roof leak repair promptly to avoid a more costly roof replacement.

The Signs You Need Emergency Roof Leak Repair

Manufacturers design roofing systems with the capacity to withstand multiple storms. However, any roofing material can deteriorate over time. A violent storm can also rip off parts of your roof, resulting in roof leaks.

When you notice any of these signs of a storm-weakened roof, you may consider the roof leak an emergency and schedule prompt repairs:

1. Dripping and Discolored Internal Ceilings

Heavy rainstorms can last about three days to a week. If you notice your ceiling starting to discolor, it’s a sign your roof has begun to leak. If the bad weather persists over the next few days, the leak can grow in size and release a torrent of rainwater into your ceilings.

Pooling water can overwhelm the underlayment and begin to cause water to drip along sections of the ceiling. When this happens, you may need to schedule an emergency roof leak repair to avert further damage.

2. Puddles on the Floor

A puddle on the floor is often the clearest sign of rain penetration. If your flooring begins to become moist, it is a sign of a small leak in your home. However, puddles indicate there is massive internal roof damage over the affected area. You can temporarily use buckets to catch water under the leaking section and prevent further damage. However, you will need to schedule emergency roof leak repair to prevent more damage.

3. Moistened and Paint-Peeled Walls

Large torrents of water along your walls can damage its material and paint. Be sure to inspect your walls for any water torrents during heavy rains. If possible, use a dry fabric after the passage of each torrent to avert further water damage.

Unfortunately, it is often difficult to identify roof leaks that cause running water on walls. Sometimes, the ceiling over these sections does not discolor. However, if you notice rustic wall stains, it could be a sign of a roof leak near the wall.

A quick emergency roof leak assessment and repair will help reduce wall moisture damage. Your roofer should carefully inspect the wall and reinforce water-infiltrated areas to avert future water damage.

4. Multiple Leak Spots

When you notice multiple drippings and ceiling discolorations, it is clear your roof has suffered extensive damage. Under such situations, it is important to call your roofer to conduct an emergency roof leak repair.

Delaying roof leak repairs can cause the roofing material to give in after a few days of consistent exposure to strong rain, snowstorms, or hail. Persistent torrential rains may also cause pooling over the roofing material, which can worsen with clogged gutters.

5. Immense External Roof Damage

If you discover immense external roof damage, you will need emergency roof leak repair. Any roofing material can give in to violent storms. Therefore, be sure to conduct periodic roof inspections twice every year and after major storms.

If left unchecked, storm damage can call for a full roof replacement. Be sure to schedule emergency roof leak repair whenever you notice missing, damaged, or dented shingles.

When a Roof Leak is Not an Emergency

A roof leak can be considered NOT an emergency if it does not affect the daily routines of the people inside the house. If the leak is tiny and you can still go about your daily activities like normal without interruptions, it is NOT considered an emergency but should be addressed nonetheless.

You can determine the severity of a roof leak usually by monitoring the speed at which drips fall. Bigger and faster drips equal more of an emergency. But regardless of the severity of the leak, if your building is being damaged due to penetrating water, the damage will get worse each day, which would be considered an emergency.

However, small drips coming from a leaky pipe which is just annoying are not emergencies but need to be addressed.

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Whenever you see any signs of roof leaks, it is imperative to conduct an emergency roof repair regardless of the size of the leak. Always have the contacts of a trusted local roofing contractor who can repair emergency roof leaks whenever they crop up. Adam Vaillancourt Roofing is your ultimate roofing partner in the Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts areas. Contact us today to schedule your roofing inspection!