Four Reasons Why Roofs Fail

roof repair in NH

roof repair in NH Though we can see them in plain sight, the inner mechanisms of a roof are not readily visible. So, it can be hard to tell when a roof is failing and in dire need of roof repair in NH. Another mystery can be why a roof is not doing well and needs to get replaced or fixed as soon as possible. As roofing experts, we’ve encountered plenty of homes and know how to work with roofs. Consequentially, we gain knowledge almost every day about what can cause roofing issues. If you see these occur to your roof, it’s best to get them evaluated.


1.) Faulty installation

Sometimes, it all comes to fruition at the beginning. If you pay someone who isn’t experienced or skilled to install your roof or attempt it yourself as a novice, there are bound to be some mistakes along the way. Improper technique may not cause some problems right away, but it’s bound to cause a roof to falter after some time.

2.) Neglect

Now, we know that people don’t often scale their homes to take a peek at their roofs. Understandably so – we stress that only professionals should attempt roof repair in NH! Still, some things like water damage and damaged shingles are easy to spot. You should not neglect these apparent signs of damage. Call our roofing company when something looks “off.”

3.) Poor ventilation

It’s critical that your roof has adequate ventilation. Otherwise, the temperature can warp or damage the integrity of the roof. Over time, the shingles and other parts of your roof can deteriorate if there is not enough ventilation. Take the time to ensure that the ventilation is proper and works well enough for your home and roof.

4.) Harsh weather

Living in New England, we know all about how terrible weather can be on every person or their property. Unfortunately, severe weather isn’t something that you can shoo away. Still, you can take preventative measures to keep your roof prepared for the elements. Ask us about our snow removal or roof leak repairs so your roof can brave any storm.


Roofs can get compromised for some reasons. There isn’t one singular cause of roof failure. However, Adam Vaillancourt Roofing can bring a roof back to life. For more information about roof repair in NH and what we can do for your roof, give us a call at (866)-636-0006.