How Are Roof Repairs Done And What Do They Cost

How Are Roof Repairs Done And What Do They Cost

How Are Roof Repairs Done And What Do They Cost

When your roof develops obvious problems such as water trickling overhead and into your living space, the decision is easy – fix the leak! However, many homeowners sometimes gamble with minor roof leaks and keep postponing roof repairs until it’s too late to handle them cost-effectively. Most of the time, a minor leak can gradually grow into a huge problem which will require a more costly roof replacement.

Factors Influencing the Cost Of Roof Repair

When roofing contractors create a cost estimate for repairing your roof, they look at multiple factors, including:

1. The Age of Your Roof

The current age of your roof will determine how easy it will be to match the existing material. Whether your roof is made of shingles, tiles, metal, wood, or slate, finding the right match can be a huge challenge if the roof is much older. In many cases, your contractor may be forced to tear off a larger area of your roof to ensure the whole roof plane has matching materials. This will significantly increase the cost of roof repair.

2. What Needs to Be Repaired?

Chimneys, skylights, and other unique rooftop elements can significantly raise the cost of a roofing job. Even if they don’t need to be replaced at the same time, your roofer should check them for damage or leaks while inspecting the shingles.

The need to work around these roofing penetrations diligently will increase labor costs. If the flashing which seals your skylights and chimneys to your roof requires replacement, expect to pay an extra cost.

3. The Time it Takes to Complete the Repair

Finally, your roofer will determine the overall time it takes to complete the repair, and this should be clearly mentioned in the estimate. Generally, if the job has more detailed work such as installing insulation, fixing worn-out flashings, and working around roof penetrations like skylights and chimneys, the timeframe will extend, which raises the overall repair cost.

The Process of Roof Repair

The first step to repairing a roof is to enlist the services of a trusted local roofing contractor. The roofer will arrange a convenient time to come over to your home and carry out a thorough inspection before issuing an estimate. Overall, here is how it goes:

  • Roofing Inspection – Your roofer will get up on your roof and conduct a detailed assessment of your roof to determine what needs to be fixed. This initial visit could take place from a day or two after your initial call, or up to a week or two during peak seasons.
  • Issuing of Quote and Contract – After the inspection, your roofer will issue you with a quote detailing what repairs need to be done and at what cost. Once you’ve accepted the estimate and signed the contract, the work will be assigned to an in-house team based on the complexity and type of repair.
  • Commencement of Work – You will receive a notification on when the roofing crew will arrive at your home with the material and tools to begin the repair work. The work should be completed within a day, but sometimes it might take longer depending on the scope of work and the accessibility of your roof.
  • Final Cleanup and Inspection – Finally, your roofer will ensure your home and yard is as clean as it was before by collecting and disposing of any leftover materials and debris from the roofing work.

After the job, your roofer will take a walk around with you to make sure you’re satisfied. They’ll then follow up with a phone call a few days later to ensure you’re still happy with the work. 

Working with a Reputable Local Roofer Can Reduce the Headache!

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