Four Things That A Roofing Consultation Provides

roof repairs

roof repairs A crucial part of home ownership is maintaining each part of your home. It’s critical to its overall structure. Your roof holds everything together. So, it only makes sense that you call us for roofing repairs when you need to get it fixed or replaced. We recommend checking in with us every fifteen to twenty years. The first part of our process is an in-depth consultation where we assess the state of your roof and inform you about what we find. There are quite a few things the process offers to each customer.



1.) The real, honest condition of your roof

It’s our job to look at your roof and tell you about its status. It may not be the best news, but it’s essential for us to be transparent and explain in full what you have to face. We won’t provide unnecessary quotes or services – just a thorough, accurate diagnosis of what we need to do to make your roof the best it can be.


2.) What happens next

During our consultation, we’ll dig up all of the information we can about your roof and strategize. We’ll likely have a solution that day and be able to discuss it with you when we come to certain conclusions. A consultation serves as a blueprint for the rest of the roof repairs moving forward, and you’ll know what we have in store.


3.) Knowledge

If you’re not a roofing expert, the chances are that you are unsure of how they get made, age, or anything else. However, a thorough diagnosis can provide plenty of information that you can use for later and share with others who may be dealing with the same roof issues. At the very least, you’ll know what to look out for the next roof you get.


4.) Price point

After we assess your roof and decide what to do with it, we’ll be able to provide more concrete details. That means pricing, which is a huge factor for people. It’s essential to build a budget and stick to it, so you can plan after we visit your home and discuss what you need to get done to your roof.



A roofing consultation provides the insight you need to make your roof the best it can be. If you need roofing repairs or a discussion, contact Adam Vaillancourt Roofing. Give us a call at 1-(866)-636-0006 and see how we can help you.