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3 Things You Should Know About Roof Replacements & Reroofing

When your roof doesn’t seem to be holding up well, you might consider replacing it or “reroofing” it. Replacing it involves removing your current roof and installing a new one. Reroofing your existing roof involves covering it with new shingles rather than replacing all of it. Knowing when you should reroof your house or how often a roof replacement is needed can help you decide which option to choose.

1. Roof Factors to Consider

When deciding between a replacement and reroofing, you’ll need to consider several factors. You might need a whole new roof depending on the quality of your current roofing materials or the quality of its installation. Having poor-quality materials or an improperly installed roof typically means you should replace it.

You’ll also need to think about the weather your roof has been exposed to over the years. Severe storms or wear and tear from temperature changes and UV exposure can cause your roof to be in bad shape, making a roof replacement a better option.

2. Age of Your Roof

How old your roof is can affect whether or not it’s time to replace it rather than reroofing it. If you had your roof replaced, especially if it was done recently, you shouldn’t need to have another roof replacement done so soon.

If you weren’t the one to have the current roof installed, knowing how old it is can be difficult. You might consider having it replaced if it’s in poor condition and you’re unsure of its age. Your new roof can last for 20 years or more depending on the type of material you get, such as metal or shingles.

3. Replacing Your Roof vs. Reroofing

Roof replacements can be done as often as needed. Talking with your roofer can help you find out if a replacement is necessary. Reroofing really shouldn’t be done since it has several disadvantages:

  • It makes your roof heavier.
  • It is easier to miss hidden damage that requires repairs, such as a rotted decking.
  • Higher roof care costs over time.
  • Delaying the inevitable roof replacement.

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