The Benefits of Having Skylights

Barn Skylights

Skylights have a way of adding elegance to a room. It’s strange to think something as simple as a window in the ceiling could be classy, but it is. It makes the room feel breathable, open, and bright. Letting the light in emphasizes the paint on the walls and the items in the room look fresher. Aside from the aesthetics though, skylights in a home have some very tangible benefits. If you’re considering having a skylight installed in your home, here are four reasons to call a professional today.

Save Money

One advantage of having a skylight is saving money in the long term. There are several ways that skylights can save you money. The first is the electric bill. Because you’ll have natural light in your home, you won’t have as many lights on. Another bonus is that vented skylights can reduce your use of air conditioners and fans when the weather is hot. The direct sunlight also helps keep you warmer in the winter so your heating bill may go down. By splurging on a one-time skylight installation, you’ll be saving in other areas of your life. Essentially, skylights are both an inviting and sound investment.

Energy Efficient

For the environmentally conscious, skylights are becoming a more and more common feature in a green home. Skylights allow the sun to do all the work other forms of energy have been doing in your home. Because solar power is an unlimited resource you can use for lighting and heating, you cut back on your reliance on energy that harms the environment. Skylights allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a healthier place.


The world is only so big and every day more and more of it is being developed. Because homes are being built closer and closer together, the privacy afforded in some homes is dwindling. Skylights are a great way to keep the advantages of windows without losing any of that privacy. For example, a skylight in the bathroom allows for natural light and ventilation while not exposing any private moments to the neighbors. The same can be said for a bedroom.


Aside from the technical benefits of skylights, they’re also known to improve health. Poor and insufficient lighting has been known to cause headaches, fatigue, and depression. Vitamin D naturally occurs in sunlight and is necessary for a body’s natural functions. Because of this, natural sunlight helps improve your mood and prevent the mood changes that come with the seasons. Natural lighting also helps motivate your mind, recover from illness, lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

With an array of benefits like these, skylights begin to look better and better on a home. Not to mention, they already look pretty chic and classy, to begin with. For more information on skylight installations, visit Adam Vaillancourt Roofing today or call 1-866-636-0006.