Design elements of a roof

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The major function of a roof is to protect the home or building from the elements, such as snow, the wind, and rain. The type of roof you have determines how easily water and other elements are diverted. It’s nice to have an attractive and functional roof. There are many design elements of a roof as well. Read on for components of roof design and how each works.

  • Hip – The high point where two adjoining roof sections meet. Aesthetically, it gives the roof a rigid appearance. Functionally, ridges divert water in one direction, which contributes to the slope of your roof.
  • Valley – This is the opposite of hips, but it is formed because of hips. It is the low point of a meeting section, generally where water ends up when it’s rolled down hips. Valleys collect water and distribute it into gutters or off of a roof. Without valleys, hips could funnel water into sections where it pools instead.
  • Eaves – The part of the roof that hangs over the rest of the home, also called an overhang. They block the summer sun from shining entirely on windows. Eaves create shade which provides a visually smooth connection between the roof and the home’s walls. Most homes have an eave, but there are some that stop at the wall’s edge, which can create functional challenges.
  • Slope – Also called a pitch. In snowy regions, there are often steeply sloped roofs because they shed snow easily. A steep roof requires more area. There are some homes that have a shallow slope. Sops assist your roof in jettisoning water away from your home, so it doesn’t pool where it fell and place strain on sections and weaken others from soaking into them.

Other design elements include trim, which protects seams. A ridge, which is the highest point of the roof. Gables, which are triangular portions of the ends of the home, extending from eaves to the peak of the roof. And a dormer is a section of the home that extrudes from the roof.

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