How To Know When It’s Time To Call A Roofer For Shingle Repair

How To Know When It's Time To Call A Roofer For Shingle Repair

How To Know When It's Time To Call A Roofer For Shingle Repair

Your roof plays a critical role in protecting your home, your valuables, and your entire family from the outside elements. Unfortunately, roofs are not made to last forever. Old age, poor maintenance, and weather damage can all cause your roof to fail prematurely and call for repair or complete replacement. Keeping up with maintenance and repair schedules is essential to keep your roof in tip-top shape regardless of the season. But how do you know it’s time to call a roofing contractor for shingle repair?

How Much Damage Warrants Roof Repair?

If you notice any damage to your roof, it could be time to call your roofer for a thorough inspection and repair. But if the damage has become so severe that simple repair might not fully address the situation, your roofer may recommend a complete replacement. The following factors will help you decide when it’s time to call a roofing professional to repair your roof shingles.

1. Inside Leaks and Water Stains 

Call a professional roofer if brownish water stains or dripping water occur inside your home. Water stains on your ceiling or walls may indicate that your roof is leaking. This can cause severe water damage.

2. Broken or Missing Shingles

Any shingles showing signs of damage or wear should be replaced immediately. Taking care of small issues now could help your roof last longer. If small areas of shingles are cracked or torn, you possibly won’t have to replace the entire roof; your roofer may be able to replace only the damaged shingles.

3. Damaged Flashing

It could indicate a bigger issue if you see cracked, worn, or loose flashing around your vents or chimneys. Flashing is often used where roof shingles meet a protruding part of the roof. Some flashing may be able to be repaired without replacing the entire roof.

4. Algae, Moss, and Mold Growing on Your Roof

If you see streaks of green algae or mold growing on your roof, you may need a professional to deal with the problem. Mold and algae thrive in cracks and corners of roofs when the wind blows spores into cracks and crevices where moisture lives. If left untreated, algae and mold can cause roof damage and will eventually lead to early replacement.

Too Much Damage

There are times when the damage is too significant, making roof repair out of the question. In a nutshell, here are some common roof damages which could require a complete roof replacement instead of repair:

  • Hail & other storm damage: Extensive hail damage may make replacement a wiser investment. Hail damage can manifest as spots which are black in color, granule loss, the asphalt or mat that appears shiny, or hail strikes that feel soft to the touch.
  • Lack of ventilation: When warm, humid air is trapped in your attic, the excessive moisture could cause mold to grow. Watch out for discoloration in the attic, loose shingles, roof sagging, visible flashing, unwanted pests, and issues with your home’s heating and cooling systems. 
  • Loss of granules: If you notice many granules in gutters or piling up near your gutter’s downspouts, it’s an obvious sign that your shingles are losing granules. If the loss is excessive, it is time to replace rather than repair your roof.

When to Repair Your Roof

You must plan ahead before getting any work done on your roof. When the weather is milder, roof contractors can do their work more efficiently – with the least risk. Additionally, shingles need the right temperatures to form a thermal seal so they can protect your home from any weather conditions.

However, things don’t always go exactly how we plan. Sometimes, a roof repair must be done even at the peak of winter. Suppose your roof is damaged by a violent storm and requires immediate repair. In that case, professional roofers have the training, expertise, and equipment to safely get your shingles replaced even if the weather isn’t that great.

If your asphalt shingle roof was installed correctly and is younger than 10 years, it may get by with repairs instead of a complete replacement. Ensure a licensed, professional roofing contractor periodically inspects your roof to help you identify issues early. They can offer roofing solutions which best suit your home’s exterior aesthetic, climate, and budget.

Whatever the condition of your roof or time of year you need roof repair, always work with a professional roofing contractor to ensure the work is done to the highest standard. At Adam Vaillancourt Roofing, we offer exceptional shingle roof repair and replacement services in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. Our team has extensive experience working on different types of roofs every season. Contact us today to learn more about our roof repair and replacement services!