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What Are 10 Steps Your Commercial Maintenance Checklist Should Include?

What Are 10 Steps Your Commercial Maintenance Checklist Should Include?

As a commercial building owner, it’s essential to know what you should be watching for regarding potential roof problems. Having commercial roof maintenance done by professional roofers helps ensure issues are caught and handled early, which reduces the risk of needing significant repairs. With so much on your plate already, how can you ensure nothing is missed during these maintenance visits? Keep the following commercial roof maintenance checklist handy for peace of mind.

General Maintenance Items

  1. You should keep records of who goes up on your roof to check it and when they go up there. Your records should also include information on where your roofers went while on your roof and why they were up there. These records provide you with information that could come in handy if any problems occur and help you keep track of how often roof maintenance has been done.
  2. Maintenance should include photos of any damage your roof has, along with an evaluation of how minor or severe it is. Each area or component of your roof should be marked as good, fair, or bad condition. Good condition means no action is needed. Fair condition means you should monitor it. Bad condition means it needs attention right away, so you should also get information on what needs to be done.
  3. Put a toolkit together with a checklist, pen or pencil for taking notes, and a camera for taking pictures of any damage. Your toolkit should also contain your roof plans and aerial photos, as well as a tape measure and a flashlight for checking dark areas.

Maintenance Items Inside Your Building

  1. Check the condition your walls are in to see if there are any signs of problems. Look for signs of mold on your walls or any areas of discoloration, such as dark spots. You should also check to see if there are any areas of peeling paint inside your building. These signs can indicate a roof leak and water damage.
  2. You should check for damp spots or areas around the chimneys and vents in your building. If these areas aren’t dry, it can mean water is entering your building through the roof. This can lead to extensive water damage, mold growth, and other problems when repairs are not done promptly.
  3. The attic or interior area near your roof should have proper ventilation to lower the risk of damage. Check for cracks showing up in the sheathing and rafters or any decking that is sagging or drooping. You also shouldn’t see light coming through any areas other than windows.
  4. Check for leaks in the upper part of your building as part of your commercial roof maintenance checklist. If you see water stains, notice damp areas, or find other signs of leaks, note where they are and take photos. Have roofing professionals inspect your roof and determine how these leaks should be fixed in order to prevent additional damage to your building.

Maintenance Items Outside Your Building

  1. When checking your roof, don’t go on it, since this is highly dangerous. Instead, focus on what you can check from the ground, and let professional roofers handle going on your roof for a closer and more thorough inspection. You should look for visible signs of damage and debris around your house. For example, you might see damaged or blocked gutters and downspouts.
  2. When you look at your commercial roof for signs of damage, check for wear and tear in certain areas. Wear and tear occurs around chimneys, fascia, flashings, vents, decking, and drip edges. You should also see if any of these components are missing or showing signs of corrosion, rotting, or rust since they will need to be repaired or replaced.
  3. When your building has a flat roof, you should look for areas of ponding, which is when water builds up on roofs after it rains or snows. You should also check your flat roof for any obvious holes or punctures you can see from down below. Other things to watch for include any areas pulling away from the roof or any blistering in the material.

Keep in mind you should have commercial roof maintenance done once or twice a year to see if your roof needs any repairs done. Our roofing experts at Adam Vaillancourt Roofing can inspect and evaluate your roof to find any potential problems to fix earlier rather than later.

If you need commercial roof maintenance, contact Adam Vaillancourt Roofing today. Our experienced roofing professionals offer maintenance, repairs, and installations for customers in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts.