What You Need To Know About Roof Leaks And Mold

What You Need To Know About Roof Leaks And Mold


Can a roof leak cause mold? Once mold starts, can it be stopped? Can I ignore a leaking roof? So many questions, and so many concerns! 

Signs of Mold After a Roof Leak

Mold will not appear on the outside surface of your home’s roof. It will show on the underside of the sheathing. This will be visible from inside your attic as either black, white, or green splotches. 

Most molds are harmless in small quantities. Some molds can worsen underlying health problems, like respiratory issues and allergies. Some molds are highly toxic to humans and pets. 

If you spot mold in your attic, two professionals can help a mold remediation specialist and your roofer. A roofer can replace mold-covered sheathing, removing any possible source for mold spread. Of course, if the underlying reason for the mold is not addressed, it will return. 

Causes of Mold in Your Roof

Roof leaks are a primary cause of mold within a roof structure. Other causes can include:

  • Old shingles are unable to resist water; an aging roof is an invitation to mold
  • Ignored damage to flashing, vents, underlayment, or water and ice shield; roofs do not heal themselves and any damage must be repaired
  • Insect or pest damage causing entryways for water and ice

Stopping Mold Growth

Mold is stopped not by trying to keep mold spores out, but by reducing moisture in the attic. Mold spores are everywhere; they are harmless unless a moist surface allows them to settle in and make a home. Proper ventilation and low humidity are key to keeping your New Hampshire home’s attic free of mold on any surface. 

Ignoring Mold in Your Attic

What happens if you ignore the mold in the attic? Expect to find it inside your living space soon enough. Mold grows and moves rapidly into moist areas, spreading across rough surfaces like wood and drywall. A leaking roof that lets moisture nourish mold will never heal itself. 

Roof Leak Repair to Stop and Prevent Mold Growth

The fastest way to end mold from a roof leak is with prompt roof repair. Your local residential roofer can act fast to track down and stop roof leaks, but only if you contact them. 

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